Malwork Your Built-In Security Company

Our Dedicated Security Directors work with company leadership and incumbent
security personnel to provide long-term & effective Security Leadership, Surveillance Monitoring, and Crisis Management services 24/7, 365 days a year.

All-in-one Service Features

Cloud Surveillance Video & Analytics

LIVE Monitor Targeting Team

Tactical Video Footage Auditing

Insider Threat Screening

24/7 Crisis Management Response

Active Shooter Preparedness Planning

Law Enforcement Liaison

COVID-19 Health & Welfare Checks

Dedicated Security Director

4 Key Capabilities of Malwork Consulting Services

If your business has valuable assets, equipment, property and people Malwork provides a daily service called Online Footage Review (OFR). OFR goes through the footage each day and analyzes for threat indicators of possible crimes.

Malwork's leadership provides its employees with proprietary training based off U.S. National Security equities, called the "Terrorist Planning Cycle" (TPC). The TPC is a broad but effective standard in which Malwork uses to help identify potential criminal threats to our clients operating environment.

Each week Malwork provides a threat analysis report to our client; and as part of our standard law enforcement Liaison duties, we share those reports with local police if there are enough indicators present.

Malwork was originally designed to degrade the ability of an active shooter to kill mass bystanders and that capability still holds.

Malwork's standard features combined with on-site Security Guards; provide world-class protocols and countermeasures derived from organizations such as CIA and other Federal agencies.

These protocols combined with LIVE monitoring service produce faster responses, to security or law enforcement on-site, and allows for more organized, practical, and speedy evacuations from the areas under threat.

Malwork's LIVE Monitors are trained to recognize Dishonest Associate Indicators (DAI's).

Malwork's remote threat monitor (RTM) and Dedicated Security Directors (DSD's) are trained in counterintelligence-based protocols that focus on observing threat indicators that are signals of possible crime activity.

Malwork only observes and reports its findings to client management so they may decide on how to proceed.

Malwork is uniquely positioned to assist sworn police officers, detectives and client leadership to investigate retail crime and workplace violence issues.

Malwork "Threat Check" Tactical Auditing combined with our A.I. driven time-lapse analytics, allows for us to locate time stampped footage for 30-90 days depending on clients chosen service package.

Malwork's Remote Threat Monitors will review footage and previous threat reporting and turn it over to the client. Malwork can utilize its cloud-based surveillance platform to pinpoint date and time of events for the client or law enforcement officials to review.