AI Driven Video Surveillance and World-class Threat Analysis


The Next Level in Video Surveillance Security

How It Works

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We Analyze the Threat

Malwork conducts a Threat Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Analysis (TVA) on client facilities and locations based on internal and external footage review as well as Open-Source Intelligence on Criminal Activity in the areas of operation.

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We Learn about You

After completing the TVA on your physical environment, we sit down with clients virtually and ask brief but important questions about their long-term security goals, vendor expectations, and their immediate security requirements.

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You Connect to Malwork

Once we understand our clients operational and strategic requirements, we connect your business to the Malwork Platform. Here clients will receive access to our team of dedicated account managers who will work with your company to build the best security surveillance and threat management capabilities possible for your organization.


Malwork Core Features

Hire surveillance monitors to review video footage 24/7,

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Communicate with Malwork Staff
on all available media in Real-Time (chat, email, phone).

Review and exchange important
documents on our secure platform available 24/7.

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Hire Malwork Dedicated Security Directors and
receive Active Shooter Preparedness training Online.

Control the Security of your organization through Malworks Online Dashboard to monitor your security team and ROI.

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We help you to liaison with local law enforcement
and produce threat vulnerability assessment.