About Malwork

At our core, Malwork's mission is to Keep People Safe and Alive.

We commit to this purpose so you can enjoy those moments that matter most to us all.

Our virtual platform and security protocols protect your loved ones at work and the places we go when living life in general.
August 2019, Malwork’s Founder, Bobby L. Sheppard a long-time Intelligence Operations specialist and former Federal Police Officer, was moved and galvanized by the Walmart shooting in El Paso and other such shootings over the course of the last decade; to develop a Physical Security capability that could be present at all times and be highly-effective in any environment.
MALWORK, is designed first and foremost as an intelligent security system; providing a virtual security management presence in the form of well-trained staff guided by decades of hard-won security expertise baked into our protocols and procedures. Malwork's capabilities are borne from top-tier national security organizations such as CIA, DHS, U.S. Capitol Police, and SOCOM. We bring together this knowledge to create a comprehensive and effective security platform for businesses and its people.

We Live by Our Values

People First Mentality

Highly-Effective Security

Transparency & Truth

Take Care of Our People

Positivity in Action

Accessible & Accountable

Malwork is growing our team. Join us and be a part of something that matters.

Positions Coming Open Soon!
Dedicated Security Director: $500 - $2000/month for each location
Requires at least 5 years of physical security manager experience or equivalent. (Part-time)
Camera Installers: $30-$50 per hour
Requires current certifications and experience. (Part-time)
Security Monitors: $12-15 per hour
No experience required we will train. (Part-time)

Send Resumes to [email protected]